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Black in Blue: The Duke Sports and Race Project critically studies race and sports at Duke, within its geographic placement, and beyond. This faculty-led project has three pillars, with each examining the politics and histories of intercollegiate athletics and athletes, particularly in revenue-generating sports.

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Project Pillars

  • Public events/podcasts with researchers, activists, former and current athletes, and coaches
  • Undergraduate courses focused on race and sports
  • Workshops to engage in critical and constructive dialogue about experiences, and histories of Black student-athletes

Dawn Staley on Race, Equality and Advocating for Change

Dawn Staley with members of the Black in Blue team
Coach Dawn Staley (center with gray jacket) and members of the "Black in Blue: Duke Sports and Race Project"

As the youngest of five children, it’s safe to say that Dawn Staley grew up in a competitive environment. The three-time Olympic gold medalist, WNBA player and current head coach of the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team was raised in the north Philadelphia projects and has brought that competitiveness to everything she’s been a part of.

With Staley at the helm of the program, the Gamecocks have won five SEC regular season championships, six SEC tournament titles, three Final Fours, two NCAA National Championships, seven Sweet 16 appearances, five SEC player of the year awards and five SEC freshman of the year awards. Staley has also been named SEC coach of the year five times.

On Thursday night, at the most recent installment of the Black in Blue: Race in Sports series, Chair of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies Jennifer Nash spoke with Staley about race in coaching, coaching philosophies and Brittney Griner.  Keep reading->

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